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Don't Tell Dena

Don’t Tell Dena started as a collaboration between lead vocalist Chris Krummrich and drummer Sean Kanaly in 2015.  In 2017 they added lead guitar/vocalist Campbell Young and bassist/vocalist Triston Lightner.  Don’t Tell Dena uses elements from genres such as Alternative rock, Psychedelic rock, blues and pop. Don’t Tell Dena’s music uses creative bass lines, tantalizing guitar effects and vocal harmonies to create their unmistakable sound. Influences include Pink Floyd, Tame Impala, The Strokes, Yes, Arctic Monkeys and The Flaming Lips.


US outfit follow in the footsteps of Tame Impala with this driven psych-rock belter" – Mystic Sons UK -  New Music Discovery


Don’t Tell Dena released their debut album Phases of the Moon in 2018 and followed by their second album Welcome to Rad City in 2019.


Don’t Tell Dena loves playing live shows and puts out an energy that radiates into the audience.  Playing more than fifty shows a year, they have played in notable cities such as Austin and Nashville.